Wednesday, 22 June 2011

July Calendar Box

The boxes have now both been removed, so the Calendar Box can fade away....
Glen has kindly placed the box within Norwood Edge Woods.

"The deed is done the box is hid. From Stainburn car park just below Little Almscliff , SE236523, take the forest road until it turns sharp right : turn sharp left up the track well used by mountain bikers until on your right behind the dry stone wall there is a trig point (pillar thingy), SE241517 : take a due north bearing with the trig point (pillar thingy) behind you and about 15 strides (depending what shoes you have on) its behind a tree. "

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  1. Adrian had "A leisurely bike ride from Birstwith enjoying the sights, sounds and smells (hay making) of the countryside. A lot of curlews and oyster catchers filling the air with their calls. The mountain bikers’ track was muddy in places. An unusual sighting for a trig point although good views to the south. I returned via the path through the wood again much used by mountain bikers and with several large muddy holes to catch the unwary. An enjoyable trip.